GP Renewables & Trading is a multifaceted Merchant Energy Services company that combines Energy Management, Risk and Operations Management, Project Development and Trading to provide a full array of SAAS and related services to clients in the North American wholesale, retail, and renewable power and natural gas industries.



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In addition, as a participant in the wholesale RECs and SRECs markets providing structured products and liquidity to voluntary and compliance buyers as well as renewable generators, GP Renewables & Trading can help you monetize the annual RECs and SRECs production of your home or commercial Renewable Energy Generator  through GP-REC.

If your business or non-profit is interested in reducing its carbon footprint through Renewable Energy Credits, contact us at info@gprenew.com 

IF Your business or non-profit is interested in reducing its electricity costs with on-site renewable generation built, owned and operated by GP Renewables & Trading, contact us at info@gprenew.com.  For more information review our Welcome Kit



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